Carmanah Aviation Outfits Remote Central American Airfield With Comprehensive Lighting Solution

July 4, 2012
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Carmanah Aviation has delivered a shipment of 90 runway lights, an ADB-Carmanah solar powered wind cone, and a wireless control device for use at a remote installation in Central America. The project, led by ADB-Carmanah partner Victor Garcia, includes the deployment of white runway edge lights, red/green threshold lights, and yellow/white caution lights. The wireless, solar system dramatically increases the operational capability at the airfield by ensuring a continuous and reliable light output and light power supply in a remote location. The complete solution is also easily deployed without requiring specialized installation crews, cabling or trenching.

With their self-contained, portable design, Carmanah wireless lights and wind cone solar engine provide a versatile, reliable airfield lighting solution. The runway lights feature an onboard user interface, infrared remote and Device Manager software, and an optional wireless system for secure 900 MHz wireless control from ground or air. An onboard Energy Management System (EMS) monitors and adapts the brightness to environmental conditions for consistent operation and a long, low-maintenance life even under the toughest conditions. Carmanah runway edge lights are available in a variety of standard formats including threshold, caution, runway end, standard runway edge, and infrared.