2019 Product Launch

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November 9, 2018

Carmanah Traffic is proud to cap off an exciting 2018 with the addition of Information Display Company (IDC) and their SpeedCheck® products into our arsenal of traffic safety solutions. We are now even better equipped to improve walkability and increase traffic calming in communities across North America.

Our lineup for 2019 is full of new products we’ve been working on this year, and while we started rolling them out in 2018, we’re considering this our official launch. With our updated catalog, new case studies, and product selector and configurators available on the website, you’ll be sure to find what you need—and if you have questions about anything you see, our sales team is ready to take your call.

If this list is any indication, 2019 is going to be an exciting year. Explore below to see what we have in store.

New SpeedCheck radar speed signs Slow down and get up to speed on SpeedCheck.

Our new MUTCD compliant SpeedCheck® radar speed signs are the latest addition to our traffic calming solutions. These driver feedback signs help improve driver awareness of their current speed and encourage them to self-correct—by an average reduction of 5–9 mph.

Refocus driver attention
New cabinet-based flashing beacons Meet our toughest team.

Our new cabinet-based flashing beacons are here: the SC315-G and R820-G for crosswalks, R247-G for 24-hour alerts, and R829-G for school zones. Known affectionately around the office as our G Series, they are designed for demanding projects that need to support high beacon intensity, more activations, third-party devices, and more. Watch our video for details.

Give me a G!
New wrong-way driver systems Get wrong-way drivers going the right way.

Wrong-way incidents claim around 360 lives a year—but enhancing basic WRONG WAY signs is one way to lower those numbers. We worked with the Nevada DOT to add RRFBs to those signs to help alert drivers to self-correct.

Will your state be next?
New LED enhanced signs Reduce stop sign blow-throughs.

Whether you want to add to your existing beacon setup or are looking for an alternative, LED enhanced signs are a bright way to increase visibility on stop signs, crosswalk signs, school zone signs, and more.

Flashy, flashier, flashiest


New advisory speed signs Reduce road departures the smart way.

Our SpeedCheck® advisory speed signs use radar technology to warn drivers if they’re traveling too fast when approaching dangerous curves, pedestrian crossings, and other road hazards—and they can be paired with existing warning signs or flashing beacons for a match made in traffic calming heaven.

Radar love


Explore all our new products—and long-time favorites—in our updated catalog.

Download the catalog

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