Carmanah Introduces Centralized Control for Its Solar LED Roadway Beacons

April 20, 2011
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Carmanah is pleased to announce the release of centralized control capabilities for its compact, solar-powered LED R829C programmable school zone flashers and R247C 24-hour flashing beacons.

With centralized control, Carmanah’s solar flashing beacons can now be remotely programmed using most third-party communication devices, such as pager-programmable time switches and two-way radios. Through an innovative plug-and-play design, these communications devices can also be added without sacrificing the compact size of the beacons’ “solar engine”.

The Benefits of Centralized Control

Cost-Effective School Zone Safety

Carmanah’s R829C solar-powered LED school zone flashers are especially effective at reducing vehicle speeds in school zones and other areas with high concentrations of pedestrians.

With centralized control, calendar changes to the R829C can now be made remotely, thus avoiding the time and cost of a trip into the field. The R829C can, therefore, be integrated into existing central control systems, providing convenient compatibility with existing deployed infrastructure.

Roadway Warning Beacons for EMS, ITS and HAR Applications

Carmanah’s R247C solar-powered LED 24-hour flashers are engineered to flash reliably 365 days per year without any scheduled maintenance for up to 5 years.

With centralized control, the R247C can now be user-activated remotely by long-range wireless radio. This is ideal for applications including Emergency Management Systems (EMS), Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Highway Advisory Radios (HAR).

About Carmanah’s Solar-Powered LED Roadway Beacons

With no trenching, cabling, or disruption to traffic flow, Carmanah’s R829C and R247C solar-powered LED beacons install in minutes onto existing signposts and operate without the need for external control cabinets.

A Cost-Effective Alternative

Users can achieve significant, long-term energy cost savings because these products are self-sufficient and require no external grid power. Using patented electronics, Carmanah’s solar LED flashers feature additional operational benefits, such as no scheduled maintenance or servicing for 5 years.

Compact and Dependable

While providing an unobtrusive, aesthetically-pleasing alternative to traditional technology, Carmanah’s compact solar LED flashing beacons are also extremely reliable. These products feature Carmanah’s patented MICROSOURCE® Energy Management System, which enables them to automatically adjust to prevailing solar conditions to ensure continuous, dependable operation year-round at practically any location on Earth. A result of more than eight years of research and development, MICROSOURCE® has been field-proven in thousands of installations around the world.

MUTCD Compliant

Carmanah’s solar LED flashers meet all required provisions for flashing beacons under the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), the standard for signs, signals, and pavement markings in the USA.

Carmanah manufactures compact solar flashing beacons for school zones, crosswalks, and 24-hour applications, as well as LED illuminated signs for street-name and regulatory applications. More than 250,000 installations operating reliably in 110 countries attest to the durability of Carmanah’s products.

About Carmanah Technologies Corporation

Carmanah is an award-winning manufacturer specializing in energy-efficient technologies. The Company is currently focused on three technology groups: solar-powered LED lighting, solar power systems & equipment and LED-illuminated signage.

Carmanah is headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and has branch offices and/or sales representation in 11 cities across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. With more than 250,000 installations worldwide, Carmanah is one of the world’s premier suppliers of energy-efficient products.

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