Carmanah Provides School Zone Flashing Beacons to Puget Sound Area Elementary Schools

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April 20, 2011

School is back in session and Carmanah’s solar school zone flashing beacons are making an appearance in Washington State’s Puget Sound area. Improving safety for elementary school children walking and biking to school, Carmanah’s R829C solar beacons draw attention to important speed limit signs and pedestrian crosswalks.

Research has shown that flashing beacons decrease vehicle speeds by five to seven miles per hour in school zones*, making them an important part of school zone safety improvements. The installation of Carmanah’s school zone flashing beacons is part of ongoing efforts to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety in Puget Sound area school zones. Other efforts include police speed limit and yield-to-pedestrian enforcement, parent/student education and the construction of sidewalk linkages and pedestrian overpasses.

Carmanah’s solar flashing beacons are user-programmable for up to 500 days of operation, allowing school officials to program the beacons to operate according to individual school schedules.

Compact, durable and self-contained, Carmanah’s solar-powered school zone flashers can be mounted quickly and easily to any standard signpost. An increasingly popular safety enhancement for school zones around the world, Carmanah’s school zone flashers are designed in accordance with the guidelines specified in the US Department of Transportation’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

* Saibel, Salzberg, Doane, Moffat. Vehicle Speeds in School Zones, Washington State Traffic Commission Research.

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