Carmanah Provides School Zone Warning Flashers to Glenlyon Norfolk School, Victoria, BC

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April 20, 2011

Carmanah’s Solar LED Lighting Group recently supplied Canada’s first programmable solar LED school zone flasher system to Glenlyon Norfolk School, a private school located in Victoria, British Columbia.

Unveiling of Carmanah's R829 solar LED school zone flasher at Glenlyon Norfolk School.
Unveiling of Carmanah’s R829 solar LED school zone flasher. From left to right (and surrounded by grade 2 students): Carmanah’s Greg Miller; Simon Bruce-Lockhart, Head of Glenlyon Norfolk School; Christopher Causton, Mayor of Oak Bay and Robert Kiddell, Head of the Glenlyon Norfolk Junior School.

Glenlyon Norfolk School’s primary campus serves grades K to 5 and is located on Beach Drive, a high traffic road in the Oak Bay district of Victoria. The school required an effective beacon solution to highlight its school zone entrances, as it found that a high number of drivers were not heeding the 30km/hr speed limit. School zone warning flashers have been shown to reduce vehicle speeds and improve school zone safety. In fact, a recent study in Washington State found that almost 1/3 of drivers exceeded the speed limit in school zones by an average of 24km/hr. The study determined that installing school zone warning flashers reduced that number by 90%.

Carmanah’s R829 installation represents the first solar LED programmable school zone warning system installed in Canada. The system took only a few minutes to install, as it incorporated existing school zone signs and posts. Carmanah’s R829 school zone warning flashers are solar-powered, so they required no connection to grid power, as well as the associated trenching, cabling and site remediation. The system operates off of a pre-programmed schedule that can be easily modified by school personnel using Windows-based software – the beacons are currently set to flash only during times when students are coming to or leaving the school. The R829 school zone warning flashers also use LEDs for illumination and they are designed to operate reliably for up to 5 years with no scheduled maintenance.

For more information on this project or Carmanah’s other unique products for the roadway industry, check out our school zone beacons here:

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