Carmanah Solar Area Lights and Flashing Beacons Increase Crosswalk Safety

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April 20, 2011
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A pedestrian crosswalk in Victoria, BC, is getting a safety upgrade with Carmanah’s solar technology. Positioned near a horizontal curve with poor sightlines, the crosswalk presented a danger for pedestrians trying to cross the road, particularly at night and during low visibility conditions. With an installation of Carmanah solar-powered area lights and solar flashing beacons, the crosswalk now features illumination that will increase safety for both drivers and pedestrians.

Carmanah solar area lights illuminate the crosswalk to help drivers see any pedestrians waiting to cross the road. The solar flashing beacons are push-button activated, so pedestrians can signal oncoming traffic that they are preparing to cross. Both additions of solar technology significantly increase safety at this difficult location.

Installing without trenching or cabling, Carmanah solar area lights and solar flashing beacons require no connection to the electrical grid. Due to the difficulties of running grid power to this particular location, a solar-powered solution was ideal. Installation was quick, easy, and cost-effective, requiring minimal technical expertise. And with no scheduled maintenance for up to five years, and no electrical bills ever, both the solar area lights and the solar flashing beacons will continue to provide the township with significant cost benefits.

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