Carmanah Solar LED School Zone Beacons Enrolled in Baton Rouge Safety Improvements

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April 20, 2011

Carmanah R829 Solar LED School Zone Flashing Beacons

Project Scope:
85 beacons for use in school zones across Baton Rouge, Louisiana

End User:
The City of Baton Rouge, LA

Traffic Distributor:
Temple Inc.

Challenge and Solution:
When the Baton Rouge City-Parish, in joint agreement with the Mayor Kip Holden and Metro Council, authorized the Department of Public Works Traffic Engineering Division to improve school zone safety on neighboring highways and high-speed roadways, the City began to look for viable technology for the job. The City required a roadway safety improvement that could both increase visibility of posted school zone speeds and provide the ability to control the new traffic systems directly. The Carmanah R829 solar LED school zone flashing beacon was the ideal candidate for the job; being capable of on-site programming and adjustment based on prevailing traffic patterns.

The decision to go solar was motivated by the systems’ low installation and maintenance costs, particularly where grid-power was otherwise inaccessible. The City incorporated grid-based flashing beacons to work in conjunction with the solar systems, providing a seamless integration of solar and AC powered technologies. Baton Rouge’s new 85 R829 systems also support the City’s commitment to sustainable technology and provide cost-reduction through the investment in LED and solar technologies which are well known to be both long-lasting and low-maintenance.

Project Specification:
85 Systems:
20 W R829 Dual Head with Mount

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