Carmanah Supplies Solar Power for Traffic Congestion Warning Systems in Chicago, IL

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April 20, 2011
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Through its authorized distributor, Brown Traffic Products, Carmanah’s Roadways Division recently supplied two stand-alone solar power systems to be installed in the Chicago Metropolitan area. These off-grid solar power systems were configured to run an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) featuring EIS/ENCOMM “congestion ahead” warning signs to notify highway drivers of upcoming traffic congestion.

Using Carmanah’s solar power systems, these Intelligent Transportation Systems consists of an EIS remote traffic microwave sensor and flashing beacons. Using ENCOMM radios to wirelessly communicate, the EIS sensor detects increases in traffic congestion and activates the flashing beacons installed upstream to warn motorists they are approaching a congested area.

With no grid power required and no scheduled maintenance for up to five years, Carmanah’s solar power solutions are a cost-effective and reliable solution for a variety of ITS applications, including video vehicle detection systems, sensing technologies, and wireless communications.

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