Carmanah’s Solar-Powered School Zone Flashers Improve Safety in Niagara Region of Ontario

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Carmanah has received an order for several units of its R829C solar LED school zone flashers from the Niagara Region of Ontario. These flashing beacons will be used as a cost-effective means of improving safety in school zones by increasing driver awareness.

The ease and low cost of installing Carmanah’s R829C solar LED school zone beacons played a major role in the Niagara Region of Ontario’s decision to purchase these units. Carmanah’s R829C installs at typically one-third of the cost compared to hardwired systems and is the only MUTCD*-compliant solar flashing beacon available that can be mounted on a standard sign post. In addition, the compact design of the Carmanah R829C school zone flasher is far more efficient and less prone to vandalism than traditional solar-powered flashers.

Carmanah’s is user-programmable for up to 500 days of operation using easy-to-use Windows-based software.

The R829C is designed to operate with no scheduled maintenance for up to 5 years, at which time only the battery pack may require replacement. With the increasing awareness around school zone safety and increased pressure on energy conservation through initiatives such as the Kyoto Accord, Carmanah’s solar-powered LED technology is a logical solution.
Carmanah manufactures compact solar flashing beacons for crosswalks, school zones, and 24-hour applications, and LED illuminated street-name signs and regulatory signs.

More than 250,000 installations worldwide attest to the operational benefits and field-proven reliability of Carmanah’s products.

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