Colorado Town Enhances Construction Safety with Carmanah’s Solar LED Flashing Beacons

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April 20, 2011
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Carmanah’s Roadway Division has received an order from its Authorized Distributor, Gades Sales Co., for an R247C 24-hour solar-powered LED flasher. The unit has been installed in the Town of Parker, CO.

The Town of Parker, located 20 miles southeast of Denver, is a quickly growing community that accommodates 41,500 residents. The Town was seeking a flashing beacon that could be quickly and easily installed at the temporary T-junction of Hess Rd. and Motsenbocker, located on one of the Town’s newly paved roads. A crash occurred at this location recently when a driver overlooked the stop sign and barricade because there are misleading visual cues that the road continues. A bridge, which will be constructed in 2008, will ultimately connect the road to an existing road on the other side of the creek.

Upon installation, the Town was impressed with the self-contained design and the visual discreteness of Carmanah’s R247C 24-hour solar flasher. In addition, after the construction of the bridge in approximately 2 years, the beacon can be easily moved to another location.

“I was very impressed when I opened the box. The system shipped as one unit ready to install, and went up super easily,” said David Aden, Town of Parker Traffic Engineer.

Carmanah’s solar-powered LED lights are a cost-effective and maintenance-free option compared to the traditional hard-wired signal systems. The solar-powered LED R247C is the most advanced 24-hour solar flasher available. It is an ultra-compact, self-contained system that powers an industry-standard LED traffic signal head, that be installed on to standard signposts. The R247C assembly includes the solar panel, battery, and electronics – all housed in a compact enclosure located above the traffic signal head.

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