Durable SpeedCheck signs survive extreme conditions

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Why use a tough radar speed sign? In a 2016 study examining vandalized signs by sign type, both speed regulation signs and advisory speed signs were found to be likely to get damaged: of vandalized signs, 53% were warning signs, and almost 11% of all vandalized signs dealt with speed limits in some way. While the study was not focused on changeable message signs specifically, the message is clear—any signs related to speed must be tough to withstand external forces.

speedcheck radar speed sign inner LED flexible board to absorb impactsTo combat vandalism, radar speed sign manufacturers may employ several tactics that may have the unfortunate side effect of decreasing visibility or clarity. Some may include heavy-duty “bash plates” to withstand the force of a baseball bat, for example, but also end up adding weight to the overall system as well as dollars to its overall cost. Other systems skip a protective cover altogether: while this avoids the possibility of such a cover being damaged, it also exposes the LEDs to damage through vandalism as well as weather.

Meanwhile, the Carmanah SpeedCheck radar speed signs have their own built-in shield. Available in 15- and 18-inch models, these signs have a ¼” thick polycarbonate window that is both crack resistant and UV stabilized to improve clarity. The window and flex board also can absorb impacts that push the window in by 2 inches or more without damaging the LEDs or internal components. If the window does get damaged beyond repair, it can be replaced on-site (but note this is the case for the 15-inch sign only).

What about theft? The battery is protected in a lockable cabinet with tamper-resistant screws that still ensure ease of battery replacement if required.

This long-lasting infrastructure uses durable components, ensuring it isn’t just projected from human tampering, but also the weather. SpeedCheck is available with a 3-year warranty on the display and 1-year limited warranty on the battery, ensuring peace of mind.

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