Florida DOT grants APL Status to Speedcheck® Radar Speed Feedback Signs

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September 24, 2007

PORTLAND, Oregon – The Florida Department of Transportation has given APL (Approved Product List) status to radar speed signs manufactured by Information Display Company. Sold under the brand name SpeedCheck, the IDC’s radar speed sign is the first permanent-mount radar speed sign to receive APL status by the state of Florida.

Obtaining APL status involved a rigorous state audit of both the company and the technology to ensure high product quality, dependable service, and environmental soundness. Florida requires state-purchased traffic control products to be reviewed by a thorough APL process and its designation is often seen by agencies across the country as an indicator of both quality and reliability.

“While SpeedCheck radar speed signs are used in more cities than any other brand, we see its placement on the Florida DOT’s APL as additional confirmation to the quality of the product and services we provide,” said Gary O’Dell, president of Information Display Company. “In the past few years, the use of radar speed signs has gained broad stream acceptance throughout the traffic safety industry and the technology has proven to be particularly effective on local streets, in and around schools zones and on work sites.”

According to O’Dell, several school districts and traffic safety agencies in Florida have already requested these devices to improve safety in and around school zones and other locations.

The Florida State APL designated SpeedCheck brand sign comes equipped with a variety of options including traffic data collection capabilities, automatic scheduling, solar or AC power supply and “Slow Down” messaging. The signs are currently distributed in the State of Florida by Transportation Control Systems (TCS),

“TCS has been distributing and manufacturing a variety of technologically advanced traffic control products that inform and protect the public,” said O’Dell. “They were instrumental in helping IDC receive APL status for its SpeedCheck signs and they demonstrated their commitment to quality and service during the entire process.”

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