Florida “Takes a Shine” to Carmanah

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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada – October 11, 2006 – Carmanah Technologies Corporation (TSX: CMH), the global leader in solar-powered and LED (light emitting diode) lighting and illumination, is pleased to report that the Florida Department of Transportation has approved three of its solar-powered LED beacons for use on the state’s roadways.

The models approved are Carmanah’s R247 series 24-hour flashing warning beacon, R820 series crosswalk beacon, and R829 series school zone beacon with calendar-based operating software.

Carmanah’s solar-powered LED beacons are now approved for use in Florida by the Florida Department of Transportation

“We are pleased that Florida’s road agencies will be able to take advantage of the cost savings and safety benefits of our latest developments in solar-powered lighting,” said Carmanah’s CEO, Art Aylesworth. “Florida is a large and influential market for traffic control products in the United States and we are now the only manufacturer whose self-contained, compact solar LED flashing beacons are approved in this state.”

The approvals required more than one year of analysis and testing by FDOT engineers to ensure that the solar LED flashers met all requirements.

Florida is recognized by other DOTs across the United States as having the most demanding process for traffic product manufacturers seeking approval.

There is an enormous demand for Carmanah solar LED flashers in Florida, and a growing list of agencies throughout the state are already purchasing the R247, R820 and R829 series of products. Recent orders include:

  • Solar LED flashers and crosswalks for the City of Pinellas Park.
  • Forty-eight solar LED flashers to FDOT for Tampa-area highways.
  • Four R247C solar flashing beacons and six R820 crosswalks to Walt Disney World.
  • Eight R820 crosswalks to FDOT.
  • Twelve R820 crosswalks for Orlando area.

With their ultra-compact and self-contained design, Carmanah’s solar LED flashers are a complete solution – the solar panel, battery and electronics are all contained in a compact enclosure located above the signal head. The lights can be installed quickly with no hardwiring.

Carmanah’s core MICROSOURCE® Energy Management System, a technology proven in more than 150,000 installations, enables the lights to operate reliably with no maintenance for 5-8 years. The low-profile, waterproof, shockproof design is resistant to hurricane conditions, immune to grid power outages, and field-proven in Florida’s hot and humid climate. Low installation and maintenance costs make the lights a cost-effective solution for improving safety on roadways in the Sunshine State.

For the traffic industry, Carmanah also manufactures compact and efficient UL-approved, industry-leading LED edge-lit street-name signs, also approved by Florida Department’s Approved Product List of Traffic Control Devices. These rugged lights have been a popular replacement for fragile fluorescent-lit street name signs as a way to reduce energy and maintenance costs, particularly in Florida’s hurricane-prone areas. Recent sign installations include 91 units in Broward Country, as well as installations in Lee Country, Hillsborough Country and Pasco County.

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