Major US Department Store Installs Carmanah Flashing Warning Lights

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The global head office of a major US department store is getting a safety upgrade with Carmanah’s solar technology. Installed throughout the parking lot of the busy office facilities, Carmanah’s R247C solar-powered flashing beacons are helping to draw driver attention to stop signs.

With a great deal of activity and traffic, parking lots can create a challenging environment for drivers. Distractions and lack of driver attention can cause important safety signage to be ignored. Flashing warning lights instantly make signs more noticeable, thereby increasing driver and pedestrian safety.

With a compact, self-contained design and a slip-fit mounting, Carmanah’s R247C flashing beacons installed easily onto existing stop sign hardware and required minimum technical expertise. No specialized work crews were required for installation, as the solar flashing beacons did not require a connection to the electrical grid.

Designed to function for up to five years with no scheduled maintenance, the reliable performance and the freedom from the electrical grid offered by the solar flashing beacons will continue to provide the department store with significant cost-savings.

Carmanah’s solar flashing beacons improve safety in virtually any location.

Adding commercial lights to your parking lot can also help improve safety. See our solar LED parking lot lighting solutions here.


About the R247C Solar Flashing Beacon

Carmanah’s R247C is the most advanced 24-hour solar flasher available. The self-contained assembly of the R247C includes the solar panel, battery, and electronics; all housed in a compact enclosure located above an industry-standard LED traffic signal head. The unit can be installed in minutes with minimal technical expertise onto new or existing sign posts in the field.

The R247C utilizes Carmanah’s MICROSOURCE® core energy management system, a technology developed over eight years and proven in more than 250,000 installations in 110 countries. Using this intelligence, the R247C automatically adjusts to prevailing solar conditions to ensure continuous, dependable operation for up to five years – even under difficult solar conditions.

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