A more affordable, portable radar speed sign – coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

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July 5, 2021

Reliable and durable SpeedCheck signs now in a more compact unit

As a leader in traffic calming equipment, we’re always looking for ways to have long-lasting impact on community safety. That’s why we’re introducing our new portable radar speed sign. The SPEEDCHECK-12, the newest addition to our SpeedCheck signs portfolio, has the same SpeedCheck quality and features you’ve come to love in a new compact and portable design.


Same SpeedCheck reliability in a new, customizable, portable design

All of our products are designed to the highest industry standards and backed by an expert support team. This driver feedback display includes MUTCD compliant 12-inch digits, and loads of the same premium features you know from our other SpeedCheck models:

speedcheck-12 yellow static signs

  • A superior high-contrast LED display for maximum visibility at a distance
  • Data collection, calendar operation and reporting software
  • Customizable options, including a variety of power capabilities, remote connectivity, static sign designs, mounting options, and more

The SPEEDCHECK-12 model can be used with solar power, AC power, or battery power. On battery power alone, this portable radar speed sign can last up to 21 days before batteries need to be replaced!

Designed with safety and simplicity in mind

The visual display has been crafted to maximize visibility and reduce driver distraction. Our SpeedCheck signs have an immediate impact on driver behavior – studies on these types of signs have been shown to reduce speeds by an overall 9 MPH in traffic zones.

The SPEEDCHECK-12 is easy-to-install, requiring minimal or no tools for installation. Weatherproof and vandal-proof, the clamshell design is durable but lightweight and mounting brackets make this product nearly impossible to remove by force. Everything is protected by a 3/16 inch poly-carbonate window and tough aluminum chassis, protecting the display from potential damage. The clamshell design features a push-lock that secures the LED and rear enclosures to prevent tampering with wiring or batteries.

While the product is incredibly durable, it is also designed with ease of use in mind. The LED display weighs in at 15 pounds (without batteries) and has a built-in carrying handle that makes it simple to maneuver. Quick and easy wiring connections makes installation and breeze and eliminates potential wiring mistakes.

SPEEDCHECK-12 mechanical features:

  • lightweight aluminum chassis
  • 15 lbs without batteries
  • carrying handle
  • quick connectors
  • strobe and stealth modes
  • built-in LED status indicators
  • no tools require to fully assemble and mount the product (in most cases)

At no extra cost, the SPEEDCHECK-12 portable radar sign model comes with additional premium features:

  • PC software
  • iOS® and AndroidTM mobile app for easy set up
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • up to 21-day battery run time
  • scheduling and data collection
  • optional remote programming and monitoring
  • MUTCD Compliant options

Six icons showing the benefits of SPEEDCHECK-12


If you’re interested in learning more about our SpeedCheck portfolio or would like to add a SPEEDCHECK-12 sign to your neighborhood, you can learn more and build your own SpeedCheck sign here.

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