Northern California City Increases School Zone Safety with Solar

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April 20, 2011

carmanah school zone speed sign beacon on wood post

Carmanah R829 Solar LED School Zone Flashing Beacons

Project Scope:
Eighteen beacons, including two signal intersections, installed in school zones throughout the Northern California Valley

End User:
City in Northern California

Lighting Agent:
JAM Services Inc.;

Challenge and Solution:
A Northern California City of approximately 100,000 sought to increase traffic safety in school zones with eighteen solar LED flashing beacons programmed for identical school calendar schedules. Grid-power was inaccessible or unavailable in many of the proposed locations. Significant cost savings were achieved by eliminating the need for specialized work crews, wiring, and lengthy installation periods. Less the time to travel to each beacon location, installation of the solar beacons was completed within seven days. Solar LED beacons were eligible under the Safe Routes to School Grant, and while other solar providers existed, the City had purchased Carmanah beacons in the past and was happy with their performance and value.

Project Specification:
18 Systems:
20 W R829 Dual Head with Mount

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