Quebec Town Uses Solar School Zone Flashers to Enhance Safety

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April 20, 2011

The trip to school for children in the town of Candiac, Quebec has just become a little safer, thanks to the installation of Carmanah’s solar-powered LED school zone flashers.

Through an authorized distributor, Carmanah’s Solar LED Lighting Group has supplied school zone flashers for installation at school zones throughout the community of Candiac, Quebec.

Located near Montreal on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River, this growing Canadian town of 15,000 people shares some of the traffic concerns of its big-city neighbour. Montreal had the highest number of pedestrian injuries in Canada in 2006; every year, the Children’s Emergency Department in Montreal treats close to 400 children and adolescents who have been hit by motor vehicles. To help prevent these types of incidents, the community of Candiac has committed to enhancing its pedestrian safety. Children are of special concern, as they may be less aware of the inherent risks and dangers associated with high-traffic areas such as school zones.

The addition of Carmanah’s solar LED school zone flashers is expected to help, as flashing beacons have been proven to slow traffic five to seven miles per hour on average in school zones. Carmanah’s solar-powered flashers are an ideal solution, as they can be installed quickly and cost-effectively, with very little disruption to traffic patterns. As they are LED-based, there is also no bulbs to replace and, in fact, no scheduled maintenance expected for up to five years.

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