Recent Studies Highlight Effectiveness of SpeedCheck® Radar Signs for use in Traffic Calming

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Multiple research findings show devices particularly effective at slowing traffic around school zones, work zones and other danger areas

Portland, Oregon – SpeedCheck radar signs have proven to be one of the most effective means of slowing traffic and increasing pedestrian safety, according to several recent reports on traffic calming methodologies. These and other findings related to traffic-calming solutions were presented by Gary O’Dell, president of Information Display Company at a traffic calming technology workshop held at IDC facilities earlier this month.

According to the reports presented by O’Dell, SpeedCheck signs have proven to be particularly effective around school zones, safety work zones, transitional speed zones and other locations where speeding traffic is of particular concern. One study prepared for the Utah Department of Transportation by Brigham Young University found that the traffic calming displays reduced averages speed from 44.5 to 35.3 mph and reduced the number of vehicles exceeding school zone speed limits from 95.3 percent to 34.1 percent.

“The accumulating body of evidence indicates that SpeedCheck signs can have an immediate and long-lasting effect on slowing traffic,” said O’Dell. “In addition, several studies conducted over the past few years, indicate that these devices represent the single most cost-effective traffic calming solutions available today.”

A 2008 study conducted by the Texas Transportation Institute at A&M University concluded that SpeedCheck signs mounted to a trailer produced the largest speed reduction results among five different treatments tested. In a 2009 report presented at the Transportation Research Board’s Annual Meeting, researchers found that portable SpeedCheck signs were effective in reducing free-flow speeds by an average of 6.4 mph while in place and activated.

“Studies such as these indicate that SpeedCheck signs are an excellent alternative to speed bumps, rumble strips and other old-school traffic calming measures that often increase traffic noise, impede emergency vehicles, and reduce safety for bicyclists, the disabled and others,” said O’Dell.

Radar SpeedCheck signs are known by a variety of terms including radar speed displays, dynamic speed signs, Your Speed signs, speed monitoring devices, and driver feedback signs. SpeedCheck signs detect and display the speed of oncoming cars, thus alerting drivers and reminding them to check their current rate of speed with the posted speed limit. In recent years, advances in technology have allowed manufacturers to incorporate traffic data collection, remote programming and a variety of auxiliary features to these devices.

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