Solar-Powered Area Lighting Illuminates Wyoming’s Remote Roadways

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April 20, 2011
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Carmanah’s solar-powered area lighting technology is helping to improve traffic safety at a remote Wyoming intersection, providing much-needed illumination in an area that has no access to electric power.

The stand-alone lighting system provided to the Wyoming Department of Transportation through Carmanah’s authorized distributor, Gades Sales Co. is the first of its kind in the region. Combining solar modules, rechargeable batteries, sensors and electronics within a compact and durable design, the LED-based light source will help improve visibility for motorists traveling along the rural stretch of road at night.

Safety on rural roads is of particular concern in Wyoming where 85.8% of the state’s fatal vehicle accidents occurred on rural roads in 2006*.

Due to the prohibitive costs and logistical challenges of extending grid power to isolated areas, Carmanah’s solar-powered lighting is a sensible and economical alternative. Self-contained and requiring no external electrical connections, Carmanah’s solar-powered area lighting is the perfect solution for increasing safety in locations where grid power is unavailable.

Installation is quick and easy — Carmanah’s solar-powered area lighting requires no trenching, wiring or electrical permits, and is operational instantly. The LED-based light source operates reliably year-round, and requires no scheduled maintenance for up to five years. Durable, reliable, and practically maintenance-free, solar-powered area lighting can significantly reduce costs, and quickly pay for itself in the form of installation, maintenance and ongoing operational savings. With no connection to the electrical grid, solar-powered area lighting costs nothing to run, and is unaffected by power outages.

In addition to Carmanah’s solar-powered area lighting solutions, the Wyoming DOT is also installing the company’s R247C solar-powered flashing beacons for a “stop ahead” warning sign. The R247C beacons flash twenty-four hours a day, alerting drivers to important traffic signs and potential dangers. Installing easily on existing sign posts, Carmanah’s solar flashing beacons offer a simple solution for improving roadway safety.

* Wyoming Comprehensive Report on Traffic Crashes, 2006. Wyoming Department of Transportation.

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