Solar-Powered Beacons Enhance Pedestrian Safety in Caribbean Resort Town

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One of the Caribbean’s most popular tourist destinations is enhancing pedestrian safety with Carmanah’s solar-powered beacons. The largest install of Carmanah’s solar technology in the Caribbean to date, the planned upgrade includes solar-powered R247C flashing beacons, R820C pedestrian crosswalk flashers, and R829C school zone flashing beacons.

A popular cruise ship stopover, the area experiences times of greatly increased pedestrian and vehicle traffic. This made it necessary to implement cost-effective safety measures that allow for the safe and efficient flow of both tourist and local traffic. The safety of school children walking to and from school was also of primary concern for area officials. This installation of solar flashing beacons is expected to benefit motorists and pedestrians alike, helping to enhance safety and efficiency throughout school zones and high-traffic tourist areas.

Carmanah’s solar flashing beacons attach securely to existing sign posts, making installation quick and easy. With no trenching or hardwiring required, the beacons can be installed with minimal technical expertise.

With no connection to the electrical grid and requiring no scheduled maintenance for up to five years, Carmanah’s solar flashing beacons are a smart long-term investment, providing reliable safety improvements with no ongoing operational costs.

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