Wrong Way Vehicle Detection, Warning and Alert System

Reduce wrong-way event response times with an intelligent wrong-way system

The WW400 is an advanced system that detects wrong-way drivers on highway off-ramps, warns them of their error with high-intensity flashing lights, and alerts local traffic management centers (TMC) of the event. Ideal for problematic ramps with high wrong-way driving crash rates, the WW400 system includes two types of units:

carmanah wrong way vehicle detection, warning and alert system with radar detector and high-definition traffic cameras
1 WW400D detector unit
to detect wrong-way vehicles, trigger warning flashers, and send alert notifications to the TMC.
carmanah wrong way driver warning system with wrong way sign with flashing leds
2+ WW400S warning sign units
that flash high-intensity LED warning lights triggered by a wrong-way vehicle detection.

The system monitors highway ramps in both directions 24 hours a day without interfering with other traffic detection systems. As a wrong-way vehicle approaches the WW400 system, the radar unit detects the incoming vehicle and simultaneously triggers the LED warning lights and activates the cameras and video analytics.

The system then uses advanced image-processing algorithms to process the video. When the cameras confirm the wrong-way event, the WW400 automatically sends an alert notification and event package containing a configurable sequence of images, video and other data to the local TMC.

This intelligent system provides a higher level of accuracy during the day, night and adverse weather conditions.

Vehicle detection and alert systems are up to 80% effective in stopping wrong-way drivers.

Superior confirmation technologies and analytics

Some manufacturers rely on a single type of detection technology (just radar) or add multiples of the same technology (two or three radar units) to perform detection. Using a single type of sensor limits the amount of data available to interpret and verify the event, and vulnerabilities exist for every type of technology. A wrong-way vehicle detection system must reliably perform in poor weather, day or night, and must be able to distinguish between different types of objects and correctly identify wrong-way vehicles. Relying on only one type of detection technology can cause a system to miss some wrong-way vehicles and/or mistake an object as a wrong-way vehicle and falsely alert the TMC.

Carmanah’s WW400 uses both radar and high-definition color and infrared video cameras for detection and decision-making analysis. Distinct analytics are performed on the radar and video data to ensure the accuracy of a WWD event. Real-time algorithms operate continuously to determine if objects are vehicles, if these vehicles are moving in the wrong direction, and if these wrong-way vehicles have passed the point of self-correction.

graphic showing how ww400's dual technology confirmation system works, with the radar unit detecting the vehicle and the dual high-definition cameras performing analytics to confirm the wrong-way vehicle

These multiple sources of data and analysis provide a highly accurate determination, allowing you to respond to the event promptly and with confidence.

Top 3 reasons to choose the WW400 wrong-way vehicle detection, warning and alert system:

  • Configurable roadway detection zones include multi-lane, shoulder and progressive detection.
  • Dual technology confirmation using radar and high-definition cameras to increase detection accuracy and dramatically reduce false alerts.
  • Variety of configuration options such as the number of warning units, event data package, connectivity options, AC or solar-powered systems, and more.

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Configuration Options and Add-Ons

Flashing Light Solar Engine Options

The WW400S is available in several solar engine options.

Compact, 15-watt integrated solar engine

Large, 30-watt integrated solar engine
Cabinet-based, 20-watt, 50-watt, and 80-watt solar and AC systems

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