City of Oceanside gets Solar Stop Sign Flashers

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Location: Oceanside, California
Project size: 4 x solar stop sign flashers
Client: City of Oceanside


For many years, the residents of Oceanside, California have voiced concerns regarding a busy stop sign-controlled intersection consistently subject to driver roll-throughs and blow-throughs. The arterial road is four lanes, where drivers share the roadway with two nearby pedestrian generators: a school, and a senior’s community. Taking into account the high traffic volume, attracting more attention to pedestrians crossing the intersection is a growing priority. One of the steps already attempted was painting the crosswalk lines yellow, but the low levels of driver yield and stopping rates persist.

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Project Requirements

The width of the arterial road was a significant factor in addressing the requirements for this project. Further, there is a slight vertical curve, rise, slope, or hill approaching this intersection impeding driver’s sight as they approach. The other important factor was assessing the overall volume of both vehicle traffic and pedestrians at this very busy intersection. Finally, this intersection is unsignalized, so solar power was preferred over AC.


Our Solution

LED enhanced flashing signs are proven to make drivers more aware by reminding those behind the wheel to slow down and make a complete stop. Further, installing an LED enhanced flashing sign in a place where a driver’s sightline may be obscured by a vertical or horizontal curve, nighttime darkness, consistently bad weather, or environmental conditions is another proven safety countermeasure. In fact, studies have shown that LED enhanced flashing signs are so effective in motivating drivers to yield and stop that the sign has earned a Crash Modification Factor (CMF) of 0.59.

With these aspects in mind, the following solution was recommended for the City of Oceanside:

Given that there are four lanes and a hill in consideration, this intersection needs extra conspicuity measures. As such, in total four solar stop sign flashers were installed. Two solar-powered LED flashing stop signs facing each direction. One at the right-hand side of the road, and the other one installed at the center median. This sign configuration allowed for drivers to have a wider scope of the intersection as they approached and more time to adjust their speed and calculate stopping distance.



As these LED flashing sign systems are solar-powered and utilized Telespar (square) poles, the installation was incredibly straight-forward. The staff at the City of Oceanside have provided positive feedback, and more importantly, so have Oceanside residents.

Thanks to everyone who provided information for this case study and helped out in Oceanside!

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