Installing Carmanah Traffic Beacons: Testimonials from Signal Technicians

Carmanah traffic safety devices are known throughout the US and Canada for their simple installation and maintenance. This video features video clips and testimonials from various installers showing how quickly they were able to install their Carmanah systems.

Some of Carmanah products’ built-in features that improve installation and maintenance include:

  • Pre-sized solar and battery system ensures beacon/sign operates reliably over the long term.
  • A universal mounting bracket and other standard mounting methods allow the systems to be secured to nearly any pole type.
  • Pre-cut wire lengths for all components streamline wiring setup.
  • LED intensity and other beacon settings are preset at the factory.
  • All beacons share a simple three-button controller for setup and programming.
  • Available with factory-configured remote connectivity and monitoring.


Click play below to watch.

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