Improving Community Connections with RRFB Technology

April 27, 2018

Make a compelling argument for bringing rectangular rapid flashing beacon technology to crosswalks in your community. We’ve compiled a slide presentation to assist you. Use the full presentation or just the parts you need.

The presentation includes:

  • How walkable streets are the way of the future
  • How existing routes present an opportunity for improvement
  • Research and safety of marked crosswalks
  • What the possibilities are for enhancing marked crosswalks
  • Infographics and diagrams indicating application placement and simulations
  • Federal research and case studies for RRFB technology
  • Cost benefits of RRFBs

For additional information, visit our resources page to find additional case studies, videos, or articles. Also, our Walkability and Approvals & Compliance pages have many external reference links you might find useful.
Download the PowerPoint Slides

Cover of presentation, "Improving Community Connections with Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon Technology".

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