Virtual Product Tour: School Zone Beacons in Marion County, Indiana

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Ever wonder how our beacons and signs look and function in the real world? With our new virtual product tours, you can get a close-up view of select projects from across the U.S. and Canada. They’re packed with helpful information on our products, their benefits, and advantages.

In this tour, you’ll learn how our school zone beacons have helped Marion County, Indiana, improve safety and remove speed limit guesswork in their school zones.

Click the play button below to start the tour. Make sure you have your audio on and use your mouse to look around and interact with the tooltips.

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Our virtual product tours

Each product tour starts with a quick tutorial on how to interact with each tour screen. It then transitions to a 360° Google StreetView image of a project installation site, describing the city’s safety concerns, project plans, and outcomes with Carmanah—on this screen, you can click and drag with your mouse to look around the project area. Finally, the tour zooms in and examines each traffic beacon and sign product in detail, going over their various benefits, features, and advantages.

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