Carmanah’s Wrong-way Vehicle Detection, Warning, and Alert System is now on the FDOT APL

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May 5, 2022
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We are pleased to share that Carmanah’s solar-powered WW400 Vehicle Detection, Warning and Alert System has completed and passed testing at FDOT’s Traffic Engineering Research Lab (TERL) test track. The system can now be found on FDOT’s Approved Product List (APL), meaning it and can now be installed and used in the state.

Throughout the testing process, the WW400 was subjected to a rigorous and varied product evaluation to ensure it meets all applicable federal MUTCD and state-specific requirements. This included:

  • A 200-lap test, which required the system to meet a detection accuracy of 100% with zero missed detections or false positive readings (laps were performed during the day, at night, and in the rain to test system reliability in various weather conditions)
  • Autonomy testing, where the system had to be powered off the batteries without the solar panels connected to ensure it would run for 10 days without sun
  • A communication test, which proved the WW400 could communicate directly with FDOT’s SunGuide software through a server-based system as well as directly with the detector pole

Receiving FDOT approval not only means traffic engineers in that state can ensure that our product meets their requirements, but that transportation professionals across North America can feel confident that the WW400 is a safe, reliable, and efficient solution for detecting and deterring wrong-way drivers.

What is the WW400?

The WW400 is our most advanced wrong-way driving (WWD) system. Designed for problematic ramps with high WWD crash rates, it uses radar to detect wrong-way drivers, warn them of their error with high-intensity flashing lights, and sends alerts to local traffic management centers (TMCs) of the event.

What makes it so effective?

Rather than relying on a single type of technology for vehicle detection, Carmanah’s system combines radar and high-definition cameras to ensure accuracy. Our LED flashing lights have the highest output in the industry, making them virtually impossible to miss when triggered by a wrong-way driver.

What other solutions are available?

The WW400 is part of a comprehensive suite of WWD products designed to meet agencies’ diverse needs. View all our products here.

Request a copy of our WW400 testing report

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