Naperville Township finds New SpeedCheck Driver Feedback Displays an Ideal Solution For Improving School Zone Safety

New signs have an immediate impact on slowing drivers when children are most at risk.

Naperville, Illinois – The township of Naperville, Illinois has implemented a powerful new tool that is having a significant impact on its ability to reduce speeding traffic. With the recent installation of three SpeedCheck displays in and around its Longwood subdivision, township officials have witnessed a dramatic increase in driver compliance with posted speed limits.

The SpeedCheck signs detect approaching cars and automatically display to drivers their actual driving speed. This display acts as a reminder to drivers and refocuses their attention on their current rate of travel. According to Stan Wojtasiak, highway commissioner for the Naperville Township road district 31, where the signs are located, the SpeedCheck displays have had an immediate impact on slowing speeding drivers.

“The displays are proving to be the ideal solution for slowing traffic in critical areas,” said Wojtasiak. “We tried other solutions including posting a deputy sheriff and placing radar speed wagons in the troubled spots, but the problems resumed as soon as these measures were removed. The permanently mounted SpeedCheck displays continue to work year-round.”

All three of the SpeedCheck displays were installed near Longwood Elementary School. The displays are mounted on a pole together with a sign that reminds drivers of the legal speed limit during school-zone hours. Using the SpeedCheck display’s internal scheduling capabilities, the commissioner has set the units to operate only during times when school zone limits are in effect.

“We’ve taken the guesswork out of determining when the slower school zone limit is in effect,” said Wojtasiak. “Drivers not only know that they need to drive slower, but they are reminded to check their speedometer to make sure they are in compliance. Anyone watching as cars pass by the SpeedCheck display can see for themselves how effective this technology is at getting drivers to slow down.”

Each of the SpeedCheck displays purchased by the township of Naperville is operated by either solar power or AC power and can be connected wirelessly to a laptop or PDA for fast and easy scheduling. The SpeedCheck signs were purchased from Information Display Company, a provider of top-value traffic calming technology.

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