School Zone Flashing Beacons 

Promote a safe environment that encourages students to walk and bike to school.

School Zone Flashing Beacons 

Promote a safe environment that encourages students to walk and bike to school.

Flashing school zone signs are active traffic control devices that can help condition motorists to change their behavior when the devices are activated. Passive devices—like straightforward school zone signs—identify a crossing but require the driver to determine whether or not they need to adjust their speed, based on the current time of day.

With the addition of a beacon flashing during the hours the speed limit is in effect, drivers are told when they need to adjust their speed—no guesswork required.



Problem Solution
Drivers don’t know when school zone speeds are in effect. School zone  beacons can be programmed to flash only when school zone speeds are in effect.
Low-intensity beacons are hard to see, especially during the day. Our school zone flashing beacons are directional, high-intensity lights that are visible at all hours (Class 1 in the Society of Automotive Engineers [SAE] Standard J595).
Schools have variable schedules that can include unplanned closures. All school zone flashing beacons come with a programmable calendar function, making it easy to adjust schedules locally or remotely (see the section on connectivity below). 

Curious about connectivity?

We partnered with leading intelligent transportation systems (ITS) solutions provider Applied Information to develop StreetHub™, a portfolio of beacons and signs that leverages cellular technology to allow authorized personnel to remotely monitor and control their complete network from a single easy-to-use web-based platform. With StreetHub, you can set and adjust the schedules of your school zone beacons from anywhere, plus collect data, manage alerts, monitor battery health, and more—all without having to make a manual site visit.

Comprehensive school zone safety treatments

Flashing school zone beacons are the key safety tool for schools to slow down traffic. Additional products may be added that will also encourage drivers to take notice of signs and adjust their behavior.

School zones can contain:


Flashing beacons 
within school zone areas

Radar speed signs to help drivers self-correct before a school zone

LED flashing or lighted signs to illuminate signage

Check your local requirements to determine compliant school zone safety options in your region.


VIDEO: Watch our school zone safety series

Making sure that drivers see, acknowledge, and obey school zone signs is vital to protecting young people making their way to and from school, no matter what mode of transportation they are using.

Our school zone safety series explores several solutions to help vehicle drivers reduce speed, pay attention to signs, and become more compliant in school zones.

Check out part 1 of our series on school zone flashing beacons:

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