Connected School Zone Beacon or Sign

Slow traffic and increase safety in school zones with actionable alerts and 3 years’ FREE connectivity

Carmanah’s school zone beacons are a proven and reliable school zone safety countermeasure, installed in hundreds of school zones across North America. With Carmanah’s latest MX Series, agencies can easily manage their system settings and schedules locally and remotely with the included MX Field App™ and MX Cloud™. Every system ships with 3 years of free remote connectivity.

Free out-of-the-box connectivity

R829-MX beacons have connectivity embedded at the factory, making installation easy. As soon as a system receives power, it connects and begins reporting both locally to the MX Field App™ and remotely to our cloud-based web application MX Cloud™.

Timely and actionable alerts

Cities with MX beacons don’t have to rely on the public to report downed systems. With MX, they can enable email and text alerts on their systems, so they can know the minute there’s a change to a system’s status, so they can quickly address the issue, thereby limiting downtime and improving safety.

Remote scheduling

Agencies with R829-MX beacons on the MX Pro subscription can take advantage of remote scheduling to create, adjust, and delete schedules—including in bulk—via MX Cloud ™. Need to make a last-minute change? All it takes is a few clicks, whether it’s to one system or 100.

Three reasons to choose an MX school zone beacon or sign:

  1. It’s the most affordable school zone beacon with remote scheduling on the market
  2. The MX Field App™ is free forever and provides convenient local access to system settings
  3. Modular design makes for a quick installation and better, more specific system data

We put solar to work

Whether your project application is a crosswalk, school zone, or 24-hour sign marking, we can run a comprehensive site assessment to confirm the best solar-powered flashing beacon for your project. We run a field-proven software simulation to create a Solar Power Report™ to show you how we did it. Best of all? It’s free, and we can have it ready in 24 hours.

Product Options and Add-Ons

MX Flasher Modules

The R829-MX connected school zone system can be equipped with MX Beacons. All Carmanah MX Series flasher modules meet MUTCD Standards for flashing beacons. MX Beacon Modules are available in 12" (305 mm) or 8" (203 mm) diameter sizes.
MX Beacon Module MX Beacon Module

MX Flasher Module Mounting

MX flasher modules can be mounted in a variety of configurations (others available):
MX Beacon Module mounting single integrated Single Beacon – Integrated
MX Beacon Module mounting dual vertical Dual Beacon – Vertical
MX Beacon Module mounting triple vertical Triple Beacon – Alternating Flash

MX Power Modules

Four MX Power Module options—available in both solar and AC power—allow MX Series systems to operate reliably in any location. Compact, integrated solar and battery systems can mount to a variety of square and round poles and install quickly. Cabinet-based systems come in compact and standard cabinet sizes, can be powered by solar or AC and can accommodate additional third-party devices.
MX 100 Power Module iso MX 100 (15-watt solar system)
MX 200 Power Module iso MX 200 (30 or 50-watt solar system)
Integrated solar + battery power modules
MX 300 Cabinet Module iso MX 300 (50, 80 or 170-watt solar system)
MX 400 Cabinet Module iso MX 400 (50, 80 or 170-watt solar system)
Separate solar + cabinet modules

MX Subscriptions

MX Series 3 years free connectivity cloudConnectivity isn't one-size-fits-all. We offer three subscription tiers on all MX Series products, and every system comes with 3 years of standard connectivity for free. With MX Cloud, users can remotely access system locations, alerts, settings and data. With an MX Pro subscription, R829-MX users can take advantage of remote scheduling to create, adjust and delete school zone schedules remotely as well as locally.

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