R247-F (Gen 3)

24-Hour Flashing Beacon
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Improve sign visibility with 24-hour beacons

Draw attention to signs. The R247-F 24-Hour Flashing Beacon increases visibility of road signage at unsignalized intersections and work zones via its continuous flash output. This 24-hour solar flashing beacon quickly installs onto existing signposts and can easily be moved to meet changing needs on roadways and worksites.

The self-contained solar engine has the battery, energy management system, and solar panel contained in one unit. It requires no trenching, cabling, or in-ground wiring. And it’s built to last: we reassure the durability and dependability of our product with a 5-year warranty.

Top 3 reasons to choose the R247-F 24-Hour Flashing Beacon:

  • 30-watt solar engine can operate at higher intensities for more versatility in applications.
  • Suits any application requiring up to 4 beacons.
  • Easy to mount or retrofit onto a range of square and round poles.


We put solar to work

Whether your project application is a crosswalk, school zone, or 24-hour sign marking, we can run a comprehensive site assessment to confirm the best solar-powered flashing beacon for your project. We run a field-proven software simulation to create a Solar Power Report™ to show you how we did it. Best of all? It’s free, and we can have it ready in 24 hours.

Configuration Options and Add-Ons


Remote Connectivity

We partnered with leading intelligent transportation systems (ITS) solutions provider Applied Information to develop StreetHub™, a portfolio of beacons and signs that leverages cellular technology to allow authorized personnel to remotely monitor and control their complete network from a single easy-to-use web-based platform. With StreetHub, you can set and adjust the schedules of your 24-hour flashing beacons from anywhere, plus collect data, manage alerts, monitor battery health, and more—all without having to make a manual site visit.Click here to download the R247-F-HUB specification sheet.  

Wireless Beacon Control

rendering of r838 wireless beacon controllerThe R838 Wireless Beacon Controller can be added to an R247-F installation to allow for remote control of the beacon flashing. Applications include emergency vehicle warning beacons, inspection station beacons and advance traffic warning beacon systems. Two activation models are available: momentary beacon flashing for a pre-configured number of seconds, or an alternate button model where the R247-F will flash indefinitely until the button is pressed again.

Manual Override Control Switch

r247 and r829 manual override switchThe R247-F is available with a lockable pole-mounted manual override box installed lower down on the mounting structure to allow easy access by individuals on the ground. This override box allows work crews, emergency personnel, and other users to temporarily stop the beacon flashing. The override box can be mounted on 2” square perforated and round poles.  

Beacon Mounting Configuration

The R247-F supports multiple beacon mounting setups depending on your project requirements.
Single integrated
Dual vertical
Dual horizontal back-to-back
Dual horizontal

r1-1 led enhanced stop signLED Enhanced Signs

Along with the standard circular beacons, you can add an LED Enhanced Sign to the R247-F to further strengthen the message to drivers.

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