R820 Solar Pedestrian Crosswalk Flashing Beacon

R820 solar crosswalk flashing beacon installationR820 solar crosswalk flashing beacon installationR820 solar crosswalk flashing beacon installation

The Carmanah R820 can be installed at marked, uncontrolled crosswalk locations as a pedestrian-activated signaling device. It is a proven MUTCD-compliant alternative to a rectangular rapid flashing beacon, which lost its interim approval in the US by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in 2017. Download an overview here.

The R820 has 12+ years of successful deployments across North America. Placed in pairs on both sides of the crosswalk, these compact, self-contained beacons link wirelessly for simultaneous or alternate flashing without additional in-ground wiring required, ensuring a cost-effective, simple installation with no trenching, extensive traffic disruptions, or large city crews required. Beacons can mount on existing poles for easy installation or relocation.

In Canada and other countries outside of the United States, we recommend you also consider the Carmanah R920 Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB). Also designed for marked, uncontrolled crosswalk locations, RRFB technology is supported by extensive research on its effectiveness at increasing driver yield rates, and is a recommended crosswalk solution in many complete street and urban design guidelines.