Building Crosswalks for Walkable Communities Video

Why solar-powered rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFBs) are the answer

RRFBs are now an essential part of the toolkit of engineers, planners, and active transportation advocates looking to improve pedestrian safety and build complete streets in their communities. These pedestrian-activated, high-intensity warning lights notify drivers when a pedestrian enters the crosswalk and can be installed in many different applications. Download our RRFB Application Guide to learn where and how our beacons can be installed.

FHWA studies have shown that RRFBs can increase driver yield rates to 96% compared to 18% at painted crosswalks without beacons. Plus, our RRFBs are solar-powered, making installation quick and easy with little to no traffic interference.

Watch our RRFB overview video below to learn more.


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