Carmanah Beacons Join Approved Products Lists in Maryland and Louisiana

Thu, 2017-08-24 13:36 -- Anonymous

Two Carmanah products were recently included on state Department of Transportation Approved Products Lists (APLs), which list products approved for state-planned or state-funded projects. Written project specifications reflect these approved products.

  • In Maryland, the Department of Transportation and Development approved the Carmanah R920 Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB)—an easy-to-install beacon that improves driver yield rates at mid-block crosswalks and other uncontrolled crossings—for their Traffic Operations Approved Products List (TOAPL195).
  • In Louisiana, the DOT approved the R247-G 24-Hour Flashing Beacon, which emits a continuous flash to alert drivers to accompanying signage. The R247-G will be added to the DOT’s Product Evaluation List.

Carmanah products are on about 30 state Approved Products Lists; the process can take time, but the end result is that our products have been vetted and approved by a respected authority to ensure their reliability and durability. Municipalities can feel confident when specifying products from their state list that they are choosing high-quality solutions. Meanwhile, installation and maintenance are streamlined when the same product is used for multiple projects in a region, making APL products an efficient choice for municipal project specifications.

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