RRFB Rapid Facts

Supplementing crosswalk signs with a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) has been proven to increase safety and yield rates. This rapid flashing beacon is an improvement on the traditional crosswalk warning light because it uses high-intensity LEDs, which are exceptionally noticeable for drivers during the day and night. Their amber color and quick flash pattern (WW+S) make them easily visible when headlight glare, wet roads, or other situations create difficult nighttime lighting conditions. Studies have shown that the RRFB improved driver yield rates from 18% up to as high as 96%.

Check out our rapid facts sheet to learn more about RRFBs. Our rapid fact sheet highlights:

  • Statistics on pedestrian fatalities
  • Proof of RRFB effectiveness
  • MUTCD IA-21
  • Case study of an RRFB installation in Westborough, MA
Download RRFB Rapid Facts

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