Carmanah’s portable radar speed signs approved in Florida

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January 5, 2023
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We are excited to announce that the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has added Carmanah’s SPEEDCHECK-12 portable radar speed sign to its Approved Product List (APL). This means the system has completed its evaluation and been approved for purchase and use on state projects.

Carmanah’s SpeedCheck® radar speed signs are a trusted traffic calming countermeasure, offering agencies a reliable and cost-effective way of reducing speeds in neighborhoods, school zones, arterials, and anywhere speeding is an issue. According to a study performed by the the Texas Transportation Institute, they can reduce average speeds up to 9 mph.

SPEEDCHECK-12 is the latest addition to our radar speed sign portfolio, and it represents our most compact, efficient, and affordable system to date. Easily mounted to a pole or portable trailer, the system includes a high-contrast, ultra-clear LED display, solar, AC, and battery power options, data collection, calendar/schedule operation, and more.

At FDOT’s request, we also made a few minor changes to the sign’s hardware. These include an extra conformal coating, the removal of a resistor to ensure the strobe feature cannot be enabled, as well as painting over the display window central strobe openings.

“We are thrilled that FDOT has added SPEEDCHECK-12 to their QPL,” says Carmanah Director of Business Development Aaron Lockwood. “FDOT is known in the industry for having high standards and a rigorous testing process, so having our products approved by them is absolutely a testament to their quality and value.”

SPEEDCHECK-12 joins a host of other outstanding transportation products on FDOT’s QPL, including Carmanah’s two other SpeedCheck systems, as well as our WW400 wrong way vehicle detection, warning, and alert system. All have been thoroughly tested and shown to meet department standards for materials, performance, efficiency, and value.

Find SPEEDCHECK-12 under Section 700 (Highway Signing) on FDOT’s APL, as well as on Carmanah’s website.

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