Radar Speed Sign

Alert speeding drivers with intelligent radar-activated warning SpeedCheck® displays

Affordable. Reliable. Feature-rich. The SPEEDCHECK-12 radar speed sign is an effective and portable solution for slowing traffic in pedestrian and school zones, residential areas, and arterials and rural roadways with posted speeds less than 45 mph. Also known as driver feedback signs, these traffic calming devices effectively draw the attention of drivers who are exceeding posted speed limits, allowing those targeted drivers to self-correct.

SpeedCheck systems have the added benefit of delivering two-way wireless communication, either onsite or remotely, for setup, diagnostics, upgrades, and more. Optional features include remote monitoring for programming, updating, and status monitoring from afar, additional static sign sizes and colors, extended radar range and others.


  • Mobile app for iOS® and Android™ enables quick and easy setup and programming from up to 50 ft away using on-site Bluetooth® wireless connectivity.
  • Built-in rapid-flashing strobe can be programmed to flash at user-defined speed thresholds.
  • Powered by battery, solar or AC systems.

Carmanah SpeedCheck signs meet the guidance of the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Many states have SpeedCheck devices on their approved product list. It is also approved by the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) and other safety bodies around the world.

“We have installed SpeedCheck displays in several new locations throughout the city as well as replaced some of the less reliable signs we had previously purchased from a different manufacturer. SpeedCheck displays have proven to be easy to install, rugged, and reliable.”
– Doran Beauclair, Signal Electrician, City of Bellevue, Washington

Top 3 reasons to choose our SpeedCheck radar speed sign:

  1. High-contrast display for greatest readability at a distance
  2. Every sign includes data collection, calendar/schedule operation and reporting software
  3. Customizable options for static signs, power sources, remote connectivity and more

High-contrast Display

We achieve a high-contrast, ultra-clear display with high-intensity LEDs and our unique safety masking design. The bright LED display uses 12-inch, MUTCD-compliant digits against a black background that prevents “88” ghosting—ensuring readability in all weather and lighting conditions. The protective, polycarbonate window is anti-glare and UV-stabilized for high clarity, and features a unique safety mask that limits the viewing angle to prevent drivers from watching the display as they pass.

SpeedCheck’s unique safety masking

speedcheck unique safety masking
This high-contrast design makes the SpeedCheck sign stand out against the competition. The images below were taken during a side-by-side test and show SpeedCheck’s superior visibility.

competitor radar speed sign with "ghosted" digits, making it harder to read
Displays faint red “25” with ghosted “88” characters
speedcheck radar speed sign with superior display, ultra clear contrast for digits make it easier to read
Displays bright, curved “26” against deep black contrast

Standards and Compliance

mutcd compliant icon
MUTCD compliant
buy america compliant icon
Buy America compliant
3 year radar sign warranty icon
3-year limited warranty
solar power report icon
Solar sized for every location
21 day battery life icon
Up to 21 day battery run time
1000 ft radar range icon
Up to 1000 ft radar detection


SpeedCheck Manager

The SpeedCheck Manager software allows you to easily set up, program, update, and perform maintenance on the SpeedCheck radar speed sign. It can be accessed locally with Bluetooth from up to 50 ft away.

Two operating modes:

    1. Standard operation: All settings for 24/7 operation or as a road speed data collector in stealth mode.

  1. Scheduled operation: Program and manage calendar schedules for multiple SpeedCheck signs, including simple on/off functions, data collection times and operation of external devices like flashing beacons and cameras.

Read our SpeedCheck Manager spec sheet for more information.

SpeedCheck Traffic Analyzer

SpeedCheck radar speed signs have built-in data collection capabilities. Users can connect to their SpeedCheck sign and download traffic data to their laptop via Bluetooth®. Traffic Analyzer software is included with every sign, allowing users to plot the data, see the success of their traffic calming programs and identify areas for improvement. Read our Traffic Analyzer spec sheet for more information.


We put solar to work

Whether you are installing radar speed signs in school zones, residential areas, or work zones, we can run a comprehensive site assessment to confirm the best solar-powered solution for your project. We run a field-proven software simulation to create an Solar Power Report™ (SPR) to show you how we did it. Best of all? It’s free, and we can have it ready in 24 hours.

Configuration Options and Add-Ons


Remote Connectivity

We partnered with leading intelligent transportation systems (ITS) solutions provider Applied Information to develop StreetHub™, a portfolio of beacons and signs that leverages cellular technology to allow authorized personnel to remotely monitor and control their complete network from a single easy-to-use web-based platform. With StreetHub, you can set and adjust schedules the schedules of your SpeedCheck systems from anywhere, plus collect data, manage alerts, monitor battery health, and more—all without having to make a manual site visit. Click here to download the SPEEDCHECK-HUB specification sheet.  

"YOUR SPEED" Sign Sizes and Colors

The SPEEDCHECK-12's static sign comes in a variety of colors and sizes for a variety of applications. We offer three standard sign sizes: 30"x36", 30"x24" and a compact 24"x22" (not MUTCD compliant). There are also four sign colors available based on MUTCD guidelines. If you'd like to learn more about MUTCD guidelines for radar speed signs, read our quick guide here.
speedcheck-12 yellow static signs Yellow (used for most applications)
speedcheck-12 fyg static signs Fluorescent yellow-green (used for school zones)
speedcheck-12 white static signs White (not MUTCD standard)
speedcheck-12 orange static signs Orange (used for work zones)

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