SC315-G (Gen 3)

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon: a Versatile Solar or AC Crosswalk Solution

Keep pedestrians safe. The Carmanah SC315-G Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) includes various solar panel and battery options or an AC connection to help improve yield compliance at uncontrolled crossings, even in shaded locations or where daily activations are high. This pedestrian-activated flashing beacon uses an irregular flash pattern to help pedestrians and cyclists be seen in any weather and any setting, whether day or night. Options include a microwave-based passive activation sensor to detect pedestrians and audible pushbutton support to improve accessibility. The SC315-G is built to last: durable and dependable, this product comes with a 5-year warranty for peace of mind.

As outlined in the Federal Highway Administration’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, the RRFB has interim approval, as described in IA-21, across the United States, as well as other regions including Canada and overseas. Read about IA-21.

BE IN THE KNOW: FHWA research shows that RRFBs can help improve driver yield rates to as high as 96% in locations with yield rates as low as 18% with crosswalk paint alone. Read the full FHWA report here.

Top 3 reasons to choose the SC315-G RRFB:

  • Multiple solar panel and battery options allow for high performance, even in shaded locations.
  • Solar- and AC-powered versions available to provide a viable solution in any location.
  • Both solar and AC power options support passive activation sensors and audible pushbutton stations to increase user accessibility.

Read about the history of the RRFB.

We put solar to work

Whether your project application is a crosswalk, school zone, or 24-hour sign marking, we can run a comprehensive site assessment to confirm the best solar-powered flashing beacon for your project. We run a field-proven software simulation to create a Solar Power Report™ to show you how we did it. Best of all? It’s free, and we can have it ready in 24 hours.

Configuration Options and Add-Ons


Overhead Lighting

While many mid-block crosswalks are in locations with traditional street lighting, it's typically not enough to adequately illuminate a pedestrian or light the entire crosswalk area. Purpose-built, pedestrian-scale lighting like Carmanah's overhead lighting systems integrate seamlessly with our RRFBs, providing bright, directional, and uniform light that allows drivers to detect pedestrians at a distance and adjust their speed accordingly. Studies have found that adding street lighting can reduce nighttime crashes by 50% and reduce fatal crashes by 43%.

ADA, PROWAG and MUTCD Compliant Pedestrian Activation

All our crosswalk beacon systems use pushbuttons and activation methods that are compliant to ADA, PROWAG and MUTCD standards and guidelines. The R920-F can support standard pushbuttons with two-tone audible confirmation and visual LED confirmation, accessible pedestrian signal (APS) pushbuttons with locator tone and customizable voice messages. APS pushbuttons with non-contact operation and passive activation sensors are also supported, allowing pedestrians to activate a crosswalk without pressing a button.
standard pedestrian pushbutton Standard pushbutton
standard aps pushbutton APS pushbutton
compact aps pushbutton with non contact activation APS push button with non-contact operation
passive microwave pedestrian detector Microwave-based passive activation sensor

Light Bar Configuration

The SC315-G supports a single or dual-directional light bar setup.
Uni-directional light bar
Bi-directional light bar

w11-2 led enhanced crosswalk signLED Enhanced Signs

Along with the standard light bars, you can add an LED Enhanced Sign to the SC315-G to further strengthen the message to drivers. These flashing signs can also supplement advance pedestrian warning signs to warn drivers a pedestrian has activated the RRFB crossing.

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