Webinar: Carmanah’s Wrong-Way Driving Solutions

wwd webinar part 1 featured image, how the ww400 detects, warns, confirms, and alerts

How the WW400 works: it detects wrong-way vehicles, warns them with high-intensity flashing lights, confirms with video analytics, then alerts the local traffic management center.

Though wrong-way driving crashes only account for around 3% of collisions in the U.S., they are more often than not head-on crashes on high-speed divided highways and access ramps and have a higher rate of fatality and more serious injuries than seen in other types of incidents. Plus, despite overall traffic fatalities decreasing, wrong-way fatalities have remained steady of the last decade.

In part two of our two-part webinar series, we examine our solutions to warn wrong-way drivers of their error and alert local authorities to reduce response time. Here’s what we cover:

  • The WW100, our 24-hour flashing warning sign
  • The WW400, our advanced vehicle detection, warning and alert system using superior confirmation technology and analytics
  • Various installation examples


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Watch Wrong-Way Driver Part 2 webinar

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