Victoria Technology to Protect U.S. Navy

November 19, 2001
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Victoria’s Carmanah Technologies Corporation has received an order from the US Navy to supply solar powered LED (light emitting diode) lanterns for marking anti-terrorism nets. Carmanah is currently shipping a first order valued at US $22,000 to Norfolk, Virginia.

According to Carmanah, its marine lanterns will be used on a floating barrier to protect ships while in port. Since the terrorist attack on the USS Cole last year in Yemen, American military ships have sought protection using anti-terrorism nets.

“The demand for our products has become much more urgent since September 11th and the outbreak of war on terrorism,” says Art Aylesworth, CEO of Carmanah. “The idea of floating barriers to protect ships in port was first looked at 10 years ago but was only acted on after the attack on the USS Cole last year.”


Mr. Art Aylesworth, CEO

Carmanah Technologies Inc.