Solar Flashing Beacons

Carmanah Technologies is a market leader in solar LED flashing beacons across North America. Carmanah’s intelligent design, compact construction and robust performance provide innovative solar solutions for the traffic industry. Designed to install quickly, easily and cost-effectively, Carmanah solar flashing beacons are built to withstand harsh winter climates of Ohio as they do in the hot Florida sun, delivering years of proven performance.

Departments of transport, counties, municipalities and active transportation groups continue to call on Carmanah beacons when they are looking for reliable, cost-effective products supported by a friendly and knowledgeable team of experts.


"Carmanah has the best equipment we have used so far.

They deserve a lot of credit for making the RRFB enhanced crosswalk available across the USA."

– Bill Baranowski, PE, City Traffic Engineer, West Jordan, UT

Featured Products

R920 Solar Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB)

Enhance marked, uncontrolled crosswalks with this RRFB. Slim and cable-less design allows for easy and quick installation onto existing signposts. A top choice by city engineers.

SC315 Solar/AC Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB)

High capacity, cabinet-based RRFB for shaded solar crosswalk locations, or audible push button support. Available in AC power for shaded areas. Solar and AC versions can be used together, where it makes sense.

R829-G Solar School Zone Flashing Beacon

Reduce speeds by 5-7 mph in school zones by adding this beacon to existing speed limit signs.  Quickly installs with a wrench and screwdriver!  Can program to turn on only during peak traffic times.

R247-E Solar 24 Hour Flashing Beacon

High intensity continuous flashing to increase visibility of road signs & construction zones. Solar cable-less design offers simple installation and removal, to easily move to another site.


Ask An Expert

Do you need advice on the best beacon solution to meet your challenge, or guidance on beacon installation? Advice about applications, configurations and technical specifications is always just a phone call away. We’re happy to help!   

Traffic Catalogue

Traffic Catalogue

RRFB Application Guide

RRFB Application Guide

Get a visual guide on RRFB placements based on MUTCD requirements.


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